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(Relaxnews) - While Restaurant magazine has called Danish restaurant Noma the best in the world, it seems Michelin inspectors feel it's still short of being three-star worthy.

In the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, Main Cities of Europe 2012, chef René Redzepi's wildly popular Copenhagen restaurant failed to gain a third star for the second year running, a gesture some are calling a conspicuous snub.

Following the shuttering of legendary Spanish restaurant  El Bulli last summer, food writers, industry players and pundits mused aloud which chef and restaurant would fill the gaping, cavernous hole left behind by chef Ferran Adrià.

For the judges of the World's 50 Best Restaurants, that person was a young, dynamic Danish chef who became known as a pioneer in the art of foraging the local countryside for wild plants and herbs that would make up the basis of his cooking.

Noma has taken the top spot in the list for the last two years.

The latest Michelin guide, meanwhile, failed to nudge Redzepi over to the ranks of three-starred status, also for the second year running.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Michelin editors justified their decision by suggesting that Noma was measured against the breadth of other world-class restaurants.

"We were one of the first guides to recognize Noma and the talent of Rene Redzepi," Rebecca Burr, the guide's editor said. "But Noma is measured against other restaurants across the world. We've made visits this year and I've been myself, and we are confident in our decision."

Overall, the 31st edition of the guide covers 44 cities in 20 countries, and is intended for English-speaking business travelers and tourists.

The Michelin guide Main Cities of Europe 2012 goes on sale March 15 for €22.90.

An iPhone app includes restaurants and hotels from all European countries costs €14.99.